About Us

Copter Shot
Copter Shot is an Aerial Photography & Videography company in Sweden.
Created to display the beauty of the world we live in from the air. We develop stunning images and films for personal and commercial use.
Working with Tourism Boards, Hotels, Brands & Airlines, we develop advertising images and films tailored for our clients specific marketing needs.
We also produce Fine Art Prints for admirers of Landscape or Cityscape photography.
Lewis Slade - Creative Director
I have been interested in photography my entire life, however, with the introduction of high quality, portable quad copters, the ability to travel and take incredible images from amazing angles has become possible. This absolutely fascinates me.
To be able to go anywhere, release the drone and explore a world only ever previously seen by the elite in helicopters excites me. Showing people something they see everyday but from an extraordinary angle is a phenomenal privilege.